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Build Mould and equipment for the production of thermoplastic items applied in all different sectors is our main activity that made us possible to become one of the leader company in the field of Technology applied to moulds.

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Founded in 1988 cs dedication is to design and build moulds for thermoplastic materials during these years we privileged research project ...




Designing and design

Our company philosophy is built on the maximize of cutomer satisfaction since the the first step. Designing and design are ...



We can provide a service of prototyping because we are into a consortium that has available a machine to produce prototypes ...


Mould construction

Thanks to technology investements and training we grow an experience that allow us to satisfy the highest standard request ...


Plastic Injection Moulding

For the molding we cooperate with our partner CS Plastic Molding able to offer to the customers innovative solutions ...


Why select us

We offer customers all our Know-How. Cooperate with customers from items adjustments during mold study and design till tests and production start-up. We are able to produce ...


The quality

A complete control of Plan Function ensure that moulds will be delivered to the cutomers, properly tested in each phase. The engineering experience in the mould production ...


Our customer

We cooperate with national and international companies ...


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