Plastic inejction moulding

For the molding we co operate with our partner CS Plastic Molding able to offer to the customers innovative solutions and able to use multiple materials, please find a short list of the material actual in use.

  • Policarbonati Bayer-GE-Mitsubishi

  • Policarbonati autoestinguenti

  • ABS

  • Gomme: Laprene,Riblene tutte le varie tipologie di gomme presenti sul mercato.

  • Nylon - Nylon caricato F.v.

  • PMMA

  • Polietilene

  • Polipropilene

  • PVC

Special attention as beeen revolt for rubber sector, through the partnership of good suppliers and thanks to an internal knowledge grow for the production of bimaterial moulds.








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